IT & Cyber

DCOM was established in 2003 with the goal of providing advanced computing and information security solutions to business clients. Over the years, the company has gained extensive experience and added loyal customers from a wide range of industries to its portfolio.

The company operates a support center, a senior system team, a cyber center, and field teams working together to provide the leading solutions along with excellent customer service and support.

We accompany our customers from the consulting stage to planning and full implementation of the solutions in the field, along with ongoing support over the years.

Among Our Clients

Shipping and customs brokerage companies, financial, trading and logistics companies, logistics and storage centers, water corporations and authorities, technology and hi-tech companies, pharmaceutical and medical companies, attorney and CPA offices, academic institutions, Shipping companies, importers, manufacturing plants, engineering companies, start-up companies, and other fields of occupation.

Our Services

Our customers enjoy advanced solutions and professional service that provide stability and industrial peace of mind. The services of our company fall under three main categories, with a number of subservices under each category

IT Computing

From setting up systems and servers to providing continuous support for the organization’s IT systems.

Cybersecurity and Information Services

A variety of protective cyber services, including CISO guidance, risk assessments, and security solution implementation.


Public and private cloud-based solutions, from specific services to full deployment of the customer’s workspace in the cloud.

We Believe

We believe that the best marketing is a satisfied customer who recommends us. Based on our experience over the years with many customers who came through word-of-mouth recommendations, we believe that acquiring new customers depends on the satisfaction of existing customers. As a company whose main revenue is based on long-term relationships 

with regular customers, we see this as the best marketing strategy and invest many resources in maintaining customer satisfaction.

With a team of experienced experts, technological creativity, and close cooperation with leading manufacturers, DCOM creates added value for its customers and maintains successful working relationships over the years.”

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