Endpoints are all the digital devices connected to the network. They are undoubtedly among the most sensitive points in an organization’s digital assets. One of the crucial aspects of endpoint protection is managed EDR service.


EDR, which stands for Endpoint Detection and Response, is a solution that combines continuous monitoring and real-time data collection with automated response and analysis capabilities based on intelligent detection engines and rule systems.


An EDR system provides integrated centralization that constantly collects data and proactively looks for immediate threats. The monitoring process is carried out using real-time data analysis engines that apply algorithms to assess and correlate large volumes of data, searching for suspicious patterns. Digital asset forensic tools, such as managed EDR services, enable cybersecurity experts to efficiently investigate early-stage suspicious events, fine-tune them efficiently, and prevent full-scale breaches.


The Importance of Managed EDR Service

An EDR system without professional management and control is a partial and less effective solution. To ensure that the system is efficient and delivers the required security solution, it is important to understand several key points:

  1. EDR systems provide alerts and logs, but without ongoing control by a SOC (Security Operations Center) and log analysis and response by cybersecurity experts, the organization will not achieve the desired results.
  2. An EDR system can cause overloads and operational difficulties if not properly maintained.
  3. EDR solutions often impact or overload other systems, such as DB servers and custom-developed applications that are not off-the-shelf products.
  4. EDR solutions require controlled deployment and maintenance, guided by experts, to address these issues effectively.

One of the standout advantages of properly managed EDR service is the input of cyber threat intelligence into the system. There is intelligence provided by various entities that contain data and identifiers about files not yet identified as malicious, links to websites, or malicious new IP addresses. All of these, and more, are critical and affect the EDR system’s ability to scan for threats and alert on suspicious events.

At DCOM, we believe in managed services that provide a complete solution to our clients. Our goal is to prevent the development of incidents as much as possible and provide a response in the early stages.


Our managed EDR service is connected to a SOC service and monitored and managed by a team of cybersecurity experts.


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