Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign for Employees

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign for Employees

One of the most common ways in which cybercriminals gain access to data is through an organization’s employees. Hackers send emails that impersonate someone within the organization and request personal information or access to specific files. Links that may initially appear legitimate can, in fact, be the entry point for a full-scale attack. Therefore, employee vigilance within the organization is a critical component of the defense plan.

One effective way to defend against cyberattacks is to ensure that employees are well-trained. DCOM’s cybersecurity teams conduct phishing tests and provide training sessions to raise awareness among company employees.


Protecting the Email System

DCOM provides a comprehensive solution to protect email systems from phishing and spoofing, along with conducting a phishing campaign for employees. The campaign delivers vital information about the number of employees who failed the test and allows them to watch a short explanatory video to understand how to be more vigilant in the future.

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