Cloud Services Tailored for Shipping and Customs Clearance Companies

DCOM brings over 20 years of experience in working with shipping and customs clearance companies. We have in-depth familiarity with the common systems in this market.
cloud solution for the shipping and customs clearance domains is built on years of experience in supporting and maintaining computer systems for customers in this field. We understand the information security needs within the supply chain network and collaborate effectively with leading software companies.


Service Benefits:

– An IT department with years of experience in supporting shipping and customs clearance companies.

– A cybersecurity department with experience in handling cyber incidents and expertise in building security systems for supply chain and shipping companies.

– Assistance in complying with approved economic regulations.

– Built-in cybersecurity protection for the supply chain.

– Full support for commonly used systems.

– Full cloud redundancy with a presence in approximately 12 data centers worldwide.

– High-performance cloud storage tailored for SQL and ORACLE databases.

– High-speed communication lines with symmetrical 1Gbps bandwidth.

– The option to integrate cloud-based phone center solutions as part of the comprehensive service.

– A single point of contact for all inquiries and full integration with all relevant entities.

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