System Services

DCOM offers Pro services to clients and business partners in various configurations:


  1. Supplementary Services for On-Prem IT Departments:

Many organizations have on-prem IT departments responsible for day-to-day operations. However, the cost of hiring specialized system professionals and integration experts can be high. In such cases, DCOM provides ongoing support and help desk services, allowing organizations to handle routine support tasks internally while relying on external experts for complex issues, critical system management, and upgrades. This approach allows organizations to reduce costs and maintain access to a team of specialists when needed.


  1. Project-Based Expert Services for Business Partners:

Business partners in the fields of software, control systems, or computing and communication services can leverage DCOM’s expertise to execute projects for their end clients. DCOM can provide end-to-end solutions and execution under the business partner’s brand, ensuring the interests of all parties are protected. DCOM values long-term, close partnerships with leading business partners.


  1. Site Assessment Expert Services for Clients:

In today’s business world, every manager understands the importance of computer systems in their organization’s efficient operation. Given the rapid pace of technological change, it is advisable for organizations to periodically assess their system’s status and identify areas for improvement. The goal of a system assessment is to provide a detailed picture of the organization’s technology and computing systems.


The system assessment process typically includes the following key steps:

– Understanding the client’s business operations.

– Mapping information systems and their functions.

– Mapping computing and communication infrastructure.

– Collecting data about the organizational structure.

– Analyzing information security systems.

– Assessing backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

– Reviewing access control systems and internal security policies.

– Preparing a comprehensive report for management.

– Providing recommendations for addressing identified weaknesses.


Conducting a system assessment allows organizations to make informed decisions about system improvements, security, and overall IT infrastructure. It helps identify areas where enhancements can be made to optimize technology utilization.

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