Monitoring and alerting in real-time can prevent the next incident.

SIEM/SOC are part of the modern information security framework of organizations. They provide the capability to identify, analyze, and respond to security threats in real-time. Here are some of the advantages and importance of SIEM/SOC services:

  1. Threat Detection and Alerting: Their significant role in identifying security threats such as attacks, breaches, or suspicious activities within the information system cannot be understated. These services identify alarm signals, often connected through event analysis and normal operation processes.
  2. Analysis and Understanding of Normal Behavior: SIEM services allow for documentation and analysis of activities in the organization’s information system by collecting data. This way, the system can understand the normal behavior of users and the system itself and identify abnormal events that could be threats.
  3. Application in the System: SIEM services enable organizations to monitor and manage various applications within the system and easily identify unusual use cases or suspicious activities related to these applications.
  4. Enhanced Response and Handling: SOC helps improve the response to threats, both known and new, and assists in decision-making regarding tailored response measures.
  5. Resilience and Security: These services allow organizations to be more resilient and effectively deal with attacks and threats, thus protecting the privacy and security of the organization’s data and its customers.
  6. Compliance and Governance Enforcement: The importance of SIEM and SOC services becomes evident when an organization faces legal requirements or conditions that aim to enforce efficient system and data management.
  7. Espionage and Eavesdropping: SIEM services can use analysis and threat detection for espionage and eavesdropping, meaning managing the organization’s competitive and tactical activities.

In summary, SIEM and SOC are essential and central tools in protecting information security in the technological landscape. They can provide early warning of malicious actions that could develop into larger cybersecurity events.

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