Cloud Migration

DCOM manages the entire transition process, starting from the planning phase with the customer and continuing until the completion, including management and integration with all relevant entities.

– Upgrading specific services to the cloud.

– Transitioning physical servers to the cloud.

– Migration from one cloud to DCOM CLOUD.

– Upgrading physical data centers to cloud-based data centers.

– Upgrading mail servers to cloud email services.

– Moving operational servers to the cloud.

DCOM CLOUD Infrastructure:

DCOM CLOUD infrastructure is deployed in over 16 data centers worldwide and adheres to strict standards:

– Servers with powerful processing capabilities in CLUSTER configurations with full redundancy.

– Fast symmetrical 1G communication lines with full redundancy.

– Daily cloud backup.

– Storage based on FLUSH for the fastest read and write performance.

– Monthly fixed-rate payment model.

Our Cloud Services:

– Virtual servers in the cloud for small and large companies.

– Virtual Desktop – Virtual computer workstations.

– Data storage services.

– Specialized web and application servers.

– Private secure networks for each customer and cloud-based firewall.

– Full IT/SYSTEM management services.

– 24×7 monitoring and control.

– Cybersecurity services: SOC, EDR, DLP, DDOS, WAF, FW.

– Cloud backup for customer’s physical servers.

– Full migration from a customer’s physical environment to the cloud.

– Dedicated communication lines with full cloud management.

– Software licensing on a monthly payment model.

– Comprehensive customer support services.

– Cloud-based phone center.

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