DCOM’s Business Partnerships

Over the years, DCOM has developed business partnerships with companies in various domains. We believe in providing added value to our business partners and realizing the potential for mutual profit through years of collaboration.

DCOM CLOUD For Partners & Resellers


Registered partners and resellers benefit from DCOM CLOUD services with advanced management interfaces and competitive capabilities in the market. The DCOM Partners program offers business opportunities and a competitive advantage that combines a wide range of services and close support.


– Advanced global cloud infrastructure.

– Professional assistance for business partners in project execution and customer migration to the cloud.

– Advanced management interface for integrators.

– Special pricing for partners.

– Creation of additional revenue streams for business partners by expanding their portfolio of professional services and solutions.


Please note that these partnerships are designed to offer a mutually beneficial relationship, and specific details may vary based on individual agreements and partnerships.

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